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Love Note From An Emotion Filled Mama

I remember crying many tears when I got the text.

“I wanted to let you know that I will no longer be able to provide care for your children moving forward.” This was the text I received from our in-home childcare provider on a Friday, and come the following Monday, I was without childcare as a full-time working mama.

My heart went to my throat, and I instantly was overwhelmed with trying to find a solution. Finding reliable and safe childcare is a huge obstacle as a parent, and the hunt can take an emotional toll. After touring many facilities, I wasn’t sure I would ever find something I could find peace in committing to without selling a kidney to do it.

That is, until I found Small Wonders. A fellow mama shared with me about this place, and I decided to come take a tour. After walking through the classrooms, and speaking with Bri, I had a wave of relief hit me, and all the tension and stress that was on my shoulders was suddenly released… and escaped in the form of tears (how embarrassing).

There are a lot of things people talk about when you become a new mom. What diapers to use. The Importance of finding a routine. All the MUST HAVES to add to your registry.

But then there’s the things rarely spoken about… Like the fear of trusting someone else with your most precious creation. The anxiety that comes with that first drop off. The constant doubt of, ‘am I doing the right thing?’

All this to say, if you are reading this, chances are… You relate to the fears… But you also relate to the fact you found a safe space in Small Wonders for your babe while you provide for your family, and you have the same gratitude for this place as I do as I write this.

All the daily updates. The sweet crafts. The lessons taught.

As a mom of a kiddo in care, I write this to serve as a token of appreciation for all the individuals who walk through those doors to love on our babies daily. Thank you to every single one of you for providing a fun safe space for our babies while we cannot not.

We truly could not do this without you. ❤️

-Chelsey Keith

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