Neuropsychological Assessments

Deficits in cognitive functions like memory and understanding can cause children to project behavioral and emotional irregularities. Early screening will help for a timely intervention which assures the fruitful future of the child.

Comprehensive Trail Making Assessment

CTMT is a quick screening tool to assess executive functions like concerns with the frontal lobe, psychomotor speed, focus, visual search and sequencing. It can be assessed on children in the age range of eleven years through adulthood (85years).

Bender Gestalt Test

Detection of early signs of perceptual motor problems is made easy by using B.G.T. It can be administered at any age above 10 years.

NIMHANS Memory Test for Children

As the name suggests, this a standardized and efficient memory test for children. Memory is the complex higher-order process that includes the collection, storage and retrieval of information. It plays a very integral part in the developmental years of a child. Smoothing out the bumps in a child's memory functioning is essential for a better and brighter future.