Developmental Screening Tests


Ages and Stages questionnaire is a highly useful tool used to identify the troublesome spots as well as the pros of a child. This tool comes in handy with children up to the age of five and a half.


ASQ Social Emotional (SE) is a tool used by experts on children from the age of three months up to five and a half years. It provides a highly detailed and specific analysis of the child and brings our notice to those areas that is in need of a holistic overall development or social-emotional delay.

MDPS (Madras Development Programming System)

This scale was developed to provide an in-depth view into the functional skills of a mentally retarded person, for the purpose of individualized program planning. It assesses adaptive behavior with the use of behavioral scale and produces documents which facilitate the program 'Individualized Program Planning' (IPP). This scale comprises of 360 units which are further divided into 18 functional areas of 20 items each.

DP3 (Developmental Profile 3)

The DP3 is a standardized measure of a child's overall development. The diagnosis of this test is put together by utilizing inputs from five different fields mainly Physical, Adaptive Behavior, Social-emotional, Dyslexia Screening Test - J, which are obtained from parents or caregivers of the child. This test is used to provide Intel on potential reading difficulties that children in the age group of five and a half to eleven and a half years may face. Research shows that early identification can help overcome any potential hazards or risks easily. This helps in identifying those children who will potentially need reading support from their school. The test also analyses the likelihood of any developmental delay.