Career Guidance and Counselling - An Assessment Of Aptitude

It is important to identify a child's weaknesses and strengths early on in life. Career guidance or career counseling is one of those tools that helps to do so. Doing so helps the child to make appropriate life decisions and helps them to look forward to a brighter and more informed future, all while they analyze and learn more about themselves.

DBDA (David's Battery of Differential Abilities - Revised)

Our aptitude assessment is conducted using a standardized psychometric assessment tool, commonly referred to as DBDA (David's Battery Of Differential Abilities). This tool helps us in identifying the positives of any student, by gauging the below mentioned domains:

  • Verbal Ability (VA).
  • Numerical Ability (NA).
  • Spatial Ability (SA).
  • Closure Ability (CA).
  • Clerical Ability (CL).
  • Reasoning Ability (RA).
  • Mechanical Ability (MA).
  • Psycho- motor Ability (PM).
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    The reading from these variables helps us in identifying a child's bright and gloomy sides which further sheds light on the most probable field that the child is expected to excel in.