ADHD Assessment

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurodevelopment disorder. Symptoms include problems in paying attention, excessive activity and uncontrollable behavior that may not suit the individual's age. This type of assessment is a multi-tier assessment which involves a lot of clinical examinations, interviews and genuine feedback from parents, teachers or others who are closely related to a child's development. Such information is structured using a rating scale and behavioral observations by a professional.


ADHD can be thoroughly assessed using conners 3 which is generally used for school-aged children. It uses a multi-informant assessment system with forms that have to be filled out by parents, teachers and the children themselves. Parent and teacher ratings can be obtained about children aged 6-18 years, and children aged 8-18 years can complete the self-report. The multiple content variables in the assessment include concerns such as inattention and hyperactivity as well as problems related to functioning, learning, aggression and family/peer problems.